We have contacts that are active investment property buyers....

Amco's experience as liquidator's agents and business valuers has led it to identify many situations where a company, or indeed individuals, have immediate financial issues whilst actualy having valuable property assets that they cannot immediately realise.



That situation often manoeuvres Business Owners into a position where control is placed in the hands of others.

We have clients that wish to purchase outright and can act quickly.

In the right circumstances our clients can underwrite property assets making the cash available allowing a sensible restructuring to take place in a way that best suits you rather than others.

Keeping control of proceedings is likely to produce a better outcome for the asset holder.

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Unit 3, Baron Court, Temple Farm Industrial Estate, Southend-On-Sea, Essex, SS2 5SA.  On Behalf of Mandeville Printers Ltd In Liquidation


The Buildings, Grounds and the full contents of the Rhoserchan Project,  Blaencastell, Aberystwyth  SY23 3EX.     Mid Wales

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