AMCO AGENCY Client Instructions Intellectual Property (IP) Valuations

Initially, we will attend your office, or by telephone discuss your specific case requirements. Depending on the type of instruction we may then attend all of the Company's premises to meet with officers and supervise the scheduling of all business assets, including leased and third party assets. Alternatively we will investigate the IP and collect information relating to it's role within the Company's operations.

We will comprehensively report our opinion in writing to you including a valuation. Where applicable we will provide values on two standard bases, willing buyer/willing seller and forced sale and include an estimate of equity, if any, on financed assets.

In the event of a Forced Sale, Administration or Impending Liquidation should you so instruct, a local locksmith will, under our supervision, change all locks. If you prefer, movable assets and vehicles can be quickly transferred to a secure store. Arrangements can be made made for heavy plant to follow.

All funds realised are maintained in our clients' account, entirely separate from our office and expense accounts. Regular receipts and payments reports are provided and sums are quickly passed to your estate account following the deduction of agreed fees and commissions.


Midlands Based Online Tyre Retailer Ltd slides into Administration.


The Buildings, Grounds and the full contents of the Rhoserchan Project,  Blaencastell, Aberystwyth  SY23 3EX.     Mid Wales

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