AMCO AGENCY Intangible Assets and Intellectual Property (IP) Valuations

Intangible assets acquired after 31 March 2004 must be valued in accordance with the provisions of International Financial Reporting Standard 3 (IFRS3).

AMCO Agency has extensive experience in providing the valuation of intangible assets and intellectual property. Our valuations satisfy the stringent requirements of the tax authorities, financial reporting authorities and their auditors.

Intellectual capital is one of the most important assets of value for UK businesses and UK companies. Commercial intellectual property asset management contributes significantly to the overall value of UK businesses.

The value of intangible assets and intellectual properties are derived from the evaluation of significant factors such as market share, barriers to entry, legal issues & protection, intellectual property profitability, industry dynamics, economic conditions, growth projections, commercial viability, and new technologies.

Assets that must be individually accounted in accordance with IAS38 and IFRS3 include:

•Intellectual Property for Technology: patents, copyrights, software, databases.

•Intellectual Property for Marketing: trademarks, trade names, brands, domain names.

•Intellectual Property for Contracts: licensing, royalties, franchise agreements, broadcast rights.

•Intellectual Property for Artistic matters: manuscripts, scripts, lyrics, pictures, photographs, films, video, plays, operas.

The ability to understand and maximise the value of intangible assets and intellectual property in the UK market has never been more crucial.

As a leading commercial asset valuer, AMCO Agency is well-positioned to deliver on your requirements for intellectual property (IP) valuation.

You can rely on our extensive professional acumen, proven methodologies and due diligence to provide your company with a trusted and well-researched opinion of value.

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